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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask the Midwife?

What is midwifery?

Midwifery means, “with woman” and fully encompasses this belief by coming alongside a woman throughout her life, from adolescence to menopause, and every space in between. The midwives model of care honors the normalcy of all the stages of life and does not automatically intervene in them; instead, we honor the body's innate ability to go through the various stages of life in a healthy manner; including viewing pregnancy and birth as a normal physiological state, not a medical condition that needs treating.  It also means that I believe in coming alongside you, since you are the best at knowing your body, and helping you achieve your optimal health through love, support, and education.

Why use a Midwife?


Midwifery care has been shown to have many beneficial outcomes associated with it - reduced cesarean rates, lower rates of tearing, lower rates of needing pain medicine with no increased rates of neonatal and maternal mortality. This is even further supported in the home birth setting. 

What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?


-Provides physical, emotional, and informational support.

- Implements comfort techniques aimed at reducing stress during labor.

-Can assist with non-labor needs

-Assists with birth plan


- Provides medical care

- Performs clinical tasks

- Catches baby

- Performs examinations

- Provides medical advice

Both provide support and care throughout pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period.

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